About Slickcall

We believe that true freedom requires open access to global communication networks. Every person on this planet deserves to have access to convenient, reliable, and quality communication services.Slickcall is a reliable international call service providing high quality calling with low rates, born from the idea that people should be able to connect whenever they want without worrying about price or technology limitations.This includes connecting with family and friends or talking to your clients living in another part of the world.

We see telecommunications technology as a key to fostering a global economy at Slickcall.Our app allows us to offer reliable and affordable international calling solutions and serve to bridge communication gaps. Using our app, users can stay in touch with their loved ones, no matter where in the world they reside. So, whether you’re calling 10 people in your family or 10 million people across the world.Slickcall is an app that offers you High quality calling with low rates. We are disrupting the calling card industry to let you experience the best international phone calls.

We take pride in providing calling services that are:


Affordability is everything. And that’s what we deliver with no hidden charges, with no contracts, and with the freedom to call anyone at any time. With our reliable international call service you have access to the world’s most popular calling destinations, lowest rates, and anytime/anywhere calling so you can stay in touch with friends and family. And with our extremely lowest rates for international calls, available for just a few cents, you can talk whenever and wherever you want!

High Quality

Slickcall is the most affordable international call service on the market, delivering crystal clear voice quality and a reliable network dedicated to our customers’ needs. We provide a fantastic calling experience that enables you to stay close to family and friends while traveling overseas. With Slickcall, you can make unlimited calls at a fraction of the cost while using your regular mobile number.

slickcall mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality international calling experiences at the lowest possible prices. Slickcall strives to be the most reliable, inexpensive, and friendliest calling product in the world for everyone. We are dedicated to empowering the global community by helping them connect with each other.

slickcall calls vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to change how people communicate with each other
around the globe and create the most user-friendly platform
which is affordable, convenient, and enjoyable.