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Wish Happy Mother’s Day Right from Your Phone with Affordable Calling Rates Worldwide

Affordable Calling Rates Worldwide

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of May in the United States. Have you planned a call to your mother who lives in another country this Mother’s Day to tell her about those special times you shared with her? But what if the expensive international calling costs prevent you from making a call? We understand your feelings, which is why we’ve created an app that offers affordable calling rates worldwide with a reliable international call service to make you feel like you’re talking to your mother right next to her. This Mother’s Day, use Slickcall and call your mother to enjoy affordable calling rates worldwide.

Love is not a BIG thing. It’s A MILLION little thing” 💖👩‍👦

1. The Largest Call Volume of the Year Occurs on Mother’s Day

A study conducted by VIP communication stated that call volume on Mother’s Day is 8% higher than on New Year’s Day, 11% higher than on Valentine’s Day, and 62% higher than on Halloween. South African ex-pats are most motivated to pick up the phone on Mother’s Day and the percentage of international calls increases up to 91%. This is the highest rise in international call volume in any country. Ghanaians came in second on the list, making 82.7 % more phone calls on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year.

1.1. Cheap call 2022 | Affordable calling rates worldwide with Slickcall

We know that you are looking for a cheap call in 2022 and you are now tired of searching for discount calling rates. Slickcall has got affordable calling rates worldwide which helps you to stay connected with your loved ones at any time of day or night.

1.2. High-Quality Calling | Slickcall

Mother’s Day is the busiest day to place calls across the world, recording more international calling traffic than any other holiday. Did you know that increase in international call volume leads to higher rates of dropped calls? But DON’T worry! We are here to help you. Slickcall allows you to enjoy high-quality international calls and offers you affordable calling rates worldwide.

2. Slickcall | Affordable Calling Rates Worldwide | Mothers Our Biggest Cheerleaders 

Mothers are our best friends. We always seek their guidance, and they always react with sensitivity and love. We think they are the most patient and understanding people on the planet, but we must give them something in return. We offer affordable calling rates worldwide which are better than Rebtel, Yolla, and, Vonage and that is our precious TIME! Make a cheap call to your mother this Mother’s Day with Slickcall and appreciate her effort and unconditional LOVE.

Landline22¢24.1¢25¢No service
Landline0.95¢10.1¢9.5¢No service

2.1. Cheapest call rates in the world

With our cheapest call rates in the world, you can enjoy unlimited cheap calls worldwide for less than what your old phone carrier costs. Moreover, the first call is on us, you will get 2$ free calling credit on your first signup.

2.2. Cheap international calling plans

Our cheapest international calling plans are the best way to make low rates international call. Slickcall provides you with reliable calling plans, affordable calling rates worldwide, and the best VoIP international calling services.

3. A Few Tips to Make Her HAPPY on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day of celebration of all wonder women out there who have raised us, and it can be difficult to celebrate when you are abroad. So, check out our suggestions on how to cheer your mother when you are away from her.

3.1. She’ll be Delighted to Hear from You | Affordable International Calling Service | Slickcall

Do you have any idea what’s the most vital thing to mothers? You guessed it right! Their CHILDREN and mothers work hard to make them kind-hearted people and help them to achieve our goals. She will be happy when you give her a surprise international call and spend the whole day talking with her, recalling all those old childhood memories, and school memories. We at Slickcall are making it easy and providing you affordable calling rates worldwide to call family and friends around the globe.

3.1.1. Slickcall has the best call rates in the world

There are several factors to take into account when looking for the best call rates. First, your international calls should be delivered quickly and safely, and second most important you are not being overcharged. Slickcall offers you affordable calling rates worldwide with the best international calling services. You can also check out the cheapest India calling from USA.



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3.2. Send Flowers

Nothing beats gifting your mother some fresh and elegant flowers to show her how much you care. There are plenty of local florists available in every country. You can easily book an order and send flowers to your mother’s home.

3.3. Send a Parcel Containing a Present from Your Home Country

Consider sending her a beautiful gift package containing her favorite things from your home country. You can even order the items online and have them shipped directly to her house.

3.4. Slickcall | Get affordable calling rates worldwide

When you live far away from your mother, the best way to show her that you care for her and to stay updated with what’s going on in her life is by calling her. We believe calling your mother shouldn’t be a hassle. So why not make international calling easier by using Slickcall? Slickcall is the cheapest international calling app, offering you not only affordable calling rates worldwide but also HD quality calls. Check our cheap calling rates to 150+ countries;

4. Let’s make an international call with affordable calling rates worldwide

You know how moms are experts for saying that they don’t want anything for Mother’s Day. But actually, that’s a lie. They loved getting CALLS from their children. Then why not call them by using Slickcall? We bet you they will enjoy and appreciate you when you call them by Slickcall. With Slickcall it doesn’t matter if you make a call to mobile or landline, we always provide you affordable international calling rates worldwide and HD quality voice calling.


To all the women who are responsible for raising us, Happy Mother’s Day! 😊 💗


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