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How to Call International Number from US with VoIP App

Call International Number from US

What is the best feeling in the world? Picking up a phone, and hearing the voice of your loved ones. Isn’t it? Nevertheless, when it comes to call international number from US, you have to factor in your monthly budget. ☹

But no more hurdles, here is Slickcall 😊 Our VoIP app will help you out to call international number from US at low rates with high-quality voice calls.

1. How to keep working your phone while traveling abroad?

So, you are living in the US and you have your family back in Nigeria. But your phone carrier in the US costing you a lot. There are dozen of options available to call international number from US like phone carriers, international calling apps, messaging apps, etc. You can use these methods to make international calls

1.1. Phone carriers

One of the options to call internationally from USA is phone carriers. They are a good way to stay connected with the family. The drawback of using phone carriers is that they will cost you more as they include roaming charges and additional maintenance charges. So it means, calling Nigeria from the US will cost you $15 in a day. That’s a good deal!

1.2. International calling apps

International calling apps are a good choice to use to call international number from US. The biggest advantage of using them is no extra charges to pay. These calling apps use VoIP technology and provide cheap and affordable international calling services. Apps like Slickcall are worthy. We don’t charge any extra fee,it is convenient, flexible, easy to use, and budget-friendly app.

1.3. Messaging apps

Texting is an easy way to communicate. For instance, If you are stuck in a meeting and don’t want to leave and call, you can text. But messageing is a tasteless communication way, no emotions. Sometimes it causes misunderstanding between sender and receiver as it is a feeling-less way to communicate.

2. An overview of above discussion

Well, every method mentioned above has its own specialties and features. Each of them is a good option to call international number from US. But we think using international calling apps like Slickcall is best of all. You will get a lot of features in the app. See below;

  • Affordable international calling plans
  • Free calling credit at the first sign-up.
  • Free calling credit on inviting a friend.
  • No extra charges.
  • No irriating Ads.
  • No taxes included.
  • Easy and enjoyable calling experience.
  • Call any landline and mobile.

2.1. What is the US calling code from international?

To call the USA, you no longer need to struggle with the country code. It is very simple to call anywhere in the world with the Slickcall app.You have to follow simple steps and you are good to go 🏃‍♂️;

  • Download the Slickcall app.
  • Register your phone number.
  • Verfiy your number.
  • Add credit or you can subscribe to calling plans.
  • Select the number you want to call.
  • Press the call button.

2.2. Save the number in correct format

Make sure you save the number in the correct international format; otherwise it will cause a problem. Here is the correct format; Country code+ area code + local number.

For instance if you going to save a Germany number then, +49 4499 xxxxxxxxxx.

2.3. Free calls to the US

You know, now you can make free calls to US from anywhere in the world. With Slickcall, it is possible now! We are offering you “Unlimited US” plan, which you can use to call to the US landline or mobile numbers.

3. Slickcall is must when traveling

While traveling you must have the Slickcall app for abroad calling. It will not only save you money but also your time. So, use Slickcall app to stay in touch with your family anywhere in the world.

3.1. Is it a good idea to subscribe to calling plans? 

“Good ideas are everywhere. It’s up to us to find them and make them happen” 😊

Well, that’s true good ideas are everywhere, we have to find them. If you are confused, is it a good idea to subscribe to calling plans for making an international call from USA? Yes it is!

Because subscribing to Slickcall calling plans will help you to save a lot. Use our plans to make cheap international calls.

3.2. Slickcall calling plans | why choose them?

What makes our calling plans superior to other international calling apps plan? The biggest perk of using our calling plans is that you don’t have to pay any extra fees. No additional charges will be deducted from your account when you use our prepaid calling plans to call international number from US.

4. Need help on long-distance calls?

Are you the one who is struggling to make long-distance calls? Those high calling rates, poor network connectivity, and dropped calls are still major issues for many people. We know you need help! That’s why we are here for you 💁.

4.1. Slickcall means unlimited budgeted calling

It is a famous saying that “ Communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity”. And we are here to clear those confusions causing trouble in your relationship between you and your loved ones. We are here to bring people together and build a strong relationship; unbreakable bond 🤝

So, do you want to build a strong relation with your loved ones? Then get Slickcall, and call international number from US at low rates!

5. Recap | Call international number from US

if you are a traveler then Slickcall is the best VoIP app. You can call international number from US to any mobile number or landline over WiFi. You can spend hours talking to your loved ones using the Slickcall app with one click!  You can earn FREE calling credit on your first sign-up.

To make your first a few calls on us, we will credit your account with a $1 signup bonus. What else do you wish for? Download the Slickcall App and enjoy calling internationally

6. FAQs

info icon filled What happens if I call an international number?

Use the Slickcall app to call international number from US. It will save you money by providing you low rates for any country worldwide. The Slickcall app is easy and simple to use.

info icon filled Does Slickcall allow you to call on a landline number?

Yes, Slickcall allows you to call on any landline number in any country. The app offers you affordable rates on landline calls.

info icon filled Does it cost to call an international number?

Yes it will cost you to call an international number. But using Slickcall will cost very less.

info icon filled How to dial an international phone number from the USA?

It is very simple to dial an international phone number from the USA with Slickcall;

  • Download the Slickcall app.
  • Register your phone number.
  • Verfiy your number.
  • Add credit or you can subscribe to calling plans.
  • Select the number you want to call.
  • Press the call button

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