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Here’s how you can enjoy Unlimited International Calls from UK

Unlimited international calls from uk

To make unlimited international calls from UK Slickcall is the best option to choose. The best international calling app ever created for both Android and iOS platforms. Despite the fact, there are hundreds of international calling apps but there is no app like Slickcall. We are different from all of them. How? Because we offer our customers to make unlimited international calls from UK at low rates.


Emails get reactions , Phone calls start conversation.

1. Hate roaming charges? Use Wi-Fi calling app

Are you planning to travel abroad? Roaming rules vary from carrier to carrier and can be complex. So, take your time and contemplate and do proper research before choosing a method to contact back home while abroad.

“No doubt! Roaming charges are a pain to people”..

1.1. Here is the solution to make unlimited international calls from UK

We have found a solution for you to avoid the roaming charges when you travel out of the country. The Slickcall app is the solution to your international calling problems. We are committed to providing every individual with quality calls and creating a hassle-free way to call back home.

So, you need two things to enjoy high quality international calls, listed below;

  • Slickcall app.
  • Wi-Fi connection.

1.2. Our main core services

Low rates and perfect connection quality calls are the core services of the Slickcall app. Check out our app and you will love it.

1.2.1. Quality rates in the international calling market

If you do a comparison with other calling apps like Rebtel, Yolla, and Boss revolution then our rates are lower than theirs. International calling has become so easy and convenient with Slickcall. Taking advantage of our rates will be an experience you will never forget.

Start making unlimited international calls from UK to your loved ones living in international countries.

1.2.2. Magic | International calling plans

Fasten your belt and get ready because we are going to take you on a magical ride! Yes, our calling plans are cheap, flexible and easy to use. You can use these plans to make unlimited international calls from UK.

And best of all, once you subscribe to the calling plan, you won’t be charged any extra. For instance, if you choose any plan costing $5, you will only be charged $5, nothing else.

2. Make your first call Free! With Slickcall!

We love to welcome our new users and have an amazing gift for them. You will get a FREE calling credit on your first sign-up. So, what are we waiting for? Download the Slickcall app now and start making unlimited international calls from UK. 😊

2.1. How to call UK from US cell phone?

Wondering how to call UK from US cell phone?  To call UK from US cellphone choose Slickcall.

Easy, reliable and fastest way to call UK from US cell phone!

3. Slickcall is not required by the receiver

Mostly, it is a mandatory condition, the receiver must have the calling app you are using to make a call; otherwise, they won’t be able to receive it. But in Slickcall, the person you call doesn’t need the app or an internet connection. All they need is a SIM card.

There is nothing better than calling all your contacts with one single wi-fi calling app UK. Our app has everything you’ve always wanted.

4. The app is Wi-Fi supportive

A Wi-Fi calling app allows you to make reliable and the lowest rate calls to any mobile or landline number anywhere, anytime in the world.  As Wi-Fi calling costs you less as compared to traditional phone services. That’s why our app is Wi-Fi supportive. You need a Wi-Fi connection for international calling from the UK to your family and friends living abroad.

4.1. Best VoIP services provider- Slickcall app

To use VoIP service to make unlimited international calls from UK, you may choose Slickcall app. Cellular connections might fail sometimes and can charge extra.

If you’re making calls with Slickcall, there is a simple way to use the app.

  • Turn on your WiFi.
  • Download the Slickcall app.
  • Sign-in.
  • Earn FREE calling credits.
  • And start calling internationally over Wi-Fi with Slickcall.

4.2. Make calls worldwide with one click!

Slickcall is one of the leading apps for international calling from the UK to around the global. Our plans are quite affordable. This app is a great option to use for unlimited international calls from UK. You can make calls to any country you want at any time.

5. Safe calls with Slickcall

Our priority is to provide you with safe calls. So that you can make unlimited international calls from UK without being worried about privacy issues.

Your every call is secure with us 🔐!

5.1. User-friendly app- Slickcall

The Slickcall app is very transparent and simple to use. You may not have to pay extra to download. The Slickcall app serves the best voice quality for international calls. You don’t have to face hustle or interference during your unlimited international calls from UK.

Isn’t it an appropriate platform for international calling from the UK? Yes, it is!

6. The bottom Line | Unlimited international calls from UK

Make unlimited calls over Wi-Fi with the Slickcall app to any number all over the world. Note that Slickcall is one of the top apps that offers the lowest rates you have ever heard of. Try it out today, the Slickcall app, and enjoy your unlimited international calls from UK!

7. FAQs

info icon filled How do you call a +44 number from the UK?

You can use Slickcall to call a +44 number from the UK.

info icon filled How to dial UK from US iPhone?

There are some simple steps you need to follow to dial UK from US iPhone are:

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Open the Slickcall app.
  • Go to contacts and select the UK number.
  • Press the call button
  • And enjoy calling with Slickcall!

info icon filled What is the cheapest way to call internationally?

Slickcall offers the best and cheapest way to call internationally. You can make calls over WIFI and enjoy high quality services. Use the Slickcall app, and get the best rates with the great audio quality you’ll love!

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