Automated, next generation in-country calling

There finally is a better way with Verify ICC, the newest component of our platform. Now, your teams can move beyond protecting your contact center customer experience with outdated manual approaches rife with human subjectivity and employee work schedules.

Verify ICC

With Verify ICC, you’ll have access to an AI-driven platform will help you understand your CX across the globe, with automated call testing. Verify ICC originates calls from your countries (more than 70), allowing you to monitor call quality and assure that each country’s CX is as great as you want it to be.

Verify ICC has the largest global coverage in the industry, with more than 220 mobile networks internationally. Choose a mobile network or choose a landline — we’ve got you covered. More than 70% of inbound traffic to your systems comes from mobile phones, and Verify ICC is the only testing company that allows you to select specific mobile vendors.

You will know that your system works in each country. Period.

Other companies verify phone calls manually, which is subject to human error and limited to working hours. Do you want low-cost employees interpreting or do you want an AI-driven tool that works 24/7? We think there should be a single standard for performance globally, and that standard should be high, especially across all possible country experiences.

A Verify is Always Sharper Than a Spear

In-country calling from Verify is the new industry standard. Your success internationally depends on knowing your system works.

Validated 24/7 Testing

We actually test the technology. While Verify makes sure your IVR/IVA prompts are performing as designed, Verify ICC tests and verifies your inbound circuits are functioning to the correct quality.

Choose Your Network

Verify ICC can originate calls in 70+ countries, through local landlines and through more than 220+ mobile networks. We’re the only test provider that allows you to choose your route, ensuring you’ll know that things are operating perfectly.

Languages Matter

Transcribing audio is so 2013. slick analyzes and compares audio to audio making it universal. Variances in every language can be detected and matched without intervention.

Experience Verify for Yourself

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