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You’re under pressure to ensure that your CX is amazing, and often that starts with your IVR. It’s important to know what exactly happens at every step of your IVR journey. Discovering and mapping your IVR manually is resource-intensive and without automated processes, you’ll miss something. With Verify, you can rest assured, knowing that your entire CX journey is a known quantity.

If you’ve invested millions of dollars in an amazing customer journey, you deserve to know that each component works as you expect it to. With Verify, you can adopt a design-driven approach to your customer experience functional and regression testing and rapidly innovate your CX from the IVR through to the agent desktop and agent desktop software while improving your quality testing standards.

There’s an old saying that no plan survives the first shot on the battlefield. You’ve built your journey, mapped your IVR, done functional and regression testing, and launched. But do you know–truly know–that your system will hold up under pressure? With Verify, you can test the load capacity of your entire CX journey and be assured that what you built will do what you want it to do.

In a global economy with disparate phone numbers and systems, you deserve to know that your customer experience is working in each and every country you do business in. With Verify ICC, our in-country calling solution, you’ll know. Our AI-driven, automated tool checks, tracks and monitors calls in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Verify platform can help you ensure that every single element of your customer experience technology infrastructure is working the way you think it is. You can validate business continuity and know that your system will not fail at the most important time.

Verify works across a wide variety of platforms, including Genesys, Cisco, Five9, Avaya, Broadsoft, Nice, and many more. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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