Introducing Verify

The contact center ecosystem performance platform


Verify automatically traverses your entire IVR and provides an interactive map detailing current CX operations. With up-to-date documentation and a clear understanding of the existing configuration, users can easily identify areas for improvement and work together to design and implement changes at pace.


Once changes have been launched into production, Verify monitors a key metrics across the entire contact center at pre-determined frequencies, and alerts users should any results fall below acceptable levels of failure. Verify will automatically share reports to highlight performance as required.


Once users have developed new solutions, Verify allows them to thoroughly soak test changes prior to launching them into production. Using the information captured via the IVR discovery or vXML ingestion features, Verify automatically generates easily editable test scripts that allow users to deliver continual improvements to their CX environments.


Verify allows users to mitigate risk by understanding how systems perform under pressure. Verify Load simulates high-volume call traffic and measures all the way from the carrier to the agent desktop to ensure that systems are built to specification and continue to operate as designed when placed under pressure. You’ll be able to sleep easily with Verify on board.

In-Country Calling

Are you positive that your customer experience is consistent across all of your global numbers. With Verify, you can test your CX in each country, using our AI-driven, fully-automated platform. You can be assured that your experience is consistent and correct.

Number Porting

Verify’s number porting capability provides organizations with the flexibility to adapt as their business grows. With the ability to scale up or down the number of calls handled by your contact center, Verify delivers a solution that can scale with the success of the business.

Verify Features

Unlimited Testing

Verify offers unlimited access to enable users to test as and when required

SaaS or On-Premise

Verify can be deployed as an SaaS or on-premise solution, dependent upon the needs of your business.

Platform Agnostic

Verify is platform agnostic and can be deployed onto any customer experience environment.

Market Leading IVR Analysis

Our market leading audio recognition software allows you to test entire IVR configurations in hours rather than days.

Live Analytics

Verify presents real-time results allowing faults to be identified and rectified immediately reducing speed to resolution.

Intuitive UI

Verify offers an easy to navigate interface and interactive results that present the information you need at the touch of a button.

Inclusive Updates

New features and enhancements are released quarterly to ensure Verify continually supports users requirements

Bespoke Testing Scenarios

Verify has a wide range of testing capabilities that allow you to build and generate a wide range of testing scenarios specific to your requirements.

Cost Efficient

Reduce the cost of testing and project deployment costs with an affordable monthly fee with the Verify software license.

Language Agnostic

Verify compares audio against audio and isn’t reliant on STT or TTS technology making it truly language agnostic environment.

Full API Access

Integrate Verify functionality into existing tools and platforms to enhance your product offering.

Unlimited Access

With unlimited user access, multiple teams and individuals can gain valuable insight from Verify and work together to continually enhance and improve their CX initiatives.

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