Ensure Your Call Center Performs Under Pressure

Verify Load allows users to quickly and effectively carry out contact center load testing by generating and placing thousands of synthetic concurrent calls into their contact center environment to observe how the system performs when operating in a high call volume environment.

Verify records and provides detailed analyses of each call, identifying those that fall outside the pre-determined success criteria and allowing you to pinpoint where within you a defect resides.

Verify Load

Traditionally, the load testing process has been a time-consuming and cumbersome initiative, typically done after hours to avoid business disruption.

By automating this process using Verify Load, you gain the ability to quickly and efficiently generate and place thousands of concurrent calls, allowing organizations of all sizes to observe how the system performs when operating in a high call volume environment.

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Shouldn’t you be using the right tool for the right job? Verify Load is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Call Recording and Analysis

Provides the ability to identify which calls fall outside the pre-determined success criteria.

Custom Test Options

Verify allows organizations to customize a wide variety of test options to ensure they are delivering a world-class customer experience. These tests include the use of custom approaches and widely known tests such as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS).

Unlimited Testing

Enables organizations to identify and resolve issues before they impact the customer experience.

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